Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Gdansk solidarity center

Concept and important elements

Philosophy of realization
Fragmentation of the past
Clarification of present
Crystallization of future

Design concerns

Clearing of the urbanistic situation by elimination of the western housing volume, to make visible the important urban situation from the town and the railway station.

Building up a network of space relations between the promenade of freedom and solidarity square, and of course to other important situation.

Pointing out a perspective for the whole project :
From contemplation to action !
The destination of the northern part of the promenade with the endpoint at the waterfront is the offer of attractions and activities for polish and international young tourist visiting Gdansk.


D - Tower


Bix Matrix

Fresh water pavilion

ADA - the intelligent room

IEC - interactive communication experience

Memory simulation

Imagine living your life without memory, without the ability to remember those myriad experiences which define you as a person and which anchor your sense of belonging in the world. Such an hypothesis raises the question: By what other means, external to your own mind, would you accumulate and retain the events, sensations, perceptions in your life?

Our attempt is to conceptually design a prototype which can assist people who has been affected by temporary memory loss. A device which can store memorable events and conversations of the day, it works through a external phone call from your friend, relatives or loved ones who are concerned for you.
We went through a mock up where our subject (matt) is using such device, which starts working by external phone calls of people who has concern for him. throughout the day he uses the device which records the conversations and spaces he was part off. This storage of data can be retrieved in a space which simulates memories recorded and makes one feel part of the event.

iHop, Green Street

YMCA, Office
Preparing for class

Studio, Noble Hall
Preparing for a crit with Conrad

Siebel Center, Office

Siebel Center, Common room
Taking a quick break

memory recall


BodyBlog is a mobile site-specific and user-specific wearable blog system. BodyBlog users (host or external) are enabled to read audio data from a BodyBlog or write audio data to any BodyBlog garment.


BodyBlog apparel is embedded with strips of magnetic tape forming a repository for blog posts. BodyBlog gloves are equipped with cassette recorder play and record heads, enabling users the ability to read and write BodyBlog postings.

BodyBlog access is contingent on multiple layers of individual comfort levels with tactile interaction; the blog host defines where a person can or can not make contact, this regulation of public/private space governs access a reader/writer is granted to available content. Prior to any read/write action, a reader/writer must recognize their own level of comfort when making physical contact with another person. Next the user can add or subtract the access permitted by the host.

Physical Prototype

Double-stick masking tape was applied along the length of the shirts. For the purpose of a paper prototype we restricted the magnetic tape "design" to vertical lines. Aligning the tape with the user's vertical axis (esp on the chest) allowed us to address potential public/private space relationships between a host and external user.

Cassette tape was applied on the double-stick tape.

BodyBlog gloves contain the read and write hardware. One glove has a read head appended to pointer finger. Headphones are attached to the read-glove allowing a user to hear blog posts. The write-glove has a record head at the tip of the pointer finger. A lapel microphone is wired into the write-glove allowing users to make audio posts.

A user reading the content of a post.

Posts are not subject to the length of a tape strip (10 seconds/female shirt, 12-15 seconds/male shirt). A user can distribute a post throughout the writable landscape, creating an aesthetic similar to an audio mash-up mix.

Paper Prototype:

Related Work:

Teleblogs Brian Davis
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Prepared W.C. Nam June Paik

Convention center for Champaign - Urbana

Convention center being major public building ,where all major public meetings , gatherings, conferences , reunions , trade fares , business exhibition etc are host , there are two fundamentally distinct sets of users ,
1. Representatives / spokes person / host : They are the source of knowledge and information which they want to share with others.
2. Visitors / guests : They visit to get awareness , understanding or to get familiar to any unknown event.
All such activities or intention can be successfully achieved by a cohesive interaction between both the sets of users.
Convention and all its activities are directly based on a strong sense of two way interaction , which is regardless key stone for any successful event or function. INTERACTION means a dialogue , a communication - establishing a relationship , between many minds.
This is the inference which structures the conceptual stand of my design in which I see convention center to be a product of interaction. Here designer is perceiving interaction
- People using the building ……………………….
- Building and its surrounding context……………
- City and its citizen and the outsider...................

The role of geometry in urban spaces

Housing - Urban village

Futuristic City of 2250 A.D. - Annual N.A.S.A design competition

R e n d e r i n g s

Surat Municipal Corporation

SURAT is the city of sparkling diamonds, silk and flourishing textile. It is a city of small and big industries a rumbling and rapidly growing city of natives and migrants ,all mingling freely with each other.City known for its special quickies and high spirited people. Where we have peace, plenty and prosperity.Surat municipal corporation can be termed as the crown on the head of this exuberant city. The most prestigious building in the whole city scape , building which reflects the spirit of the city ,and can make its own unique statement.At present s.m.c is located in old city ,which is to be shifted to its new designed building on the main ring road of the city .

Friday, June 23, 2006

My Thesis : National Institute of Design - Extension Campus

Project: Extension Campus for NID at GandhinagarSite Area: 15 Acre (60,000 sqm)

Post Independence alterations in India had become quite an integral part of Quality Control in the early 60’s. Though not Self a conscious effort, there was a relentless search to develop a design aesthetic in the newly independent India which had to survive a competitive world. This itself become a very obvious and a last case intention to chose NID which represented a tangential attitude for ‘Western Modern’ aspiring for a balanced change & continuity towards a more brighter future for days to come. Primarily, this case threw up several clues both programmatically and experimentally (where, anyhow i would be biased towards architecture). Eventually it turned up to express the aspirations of a dominant group (NID) in a society (Gandhinagar), to be avant garde & at the same time redefine the bygone traditions (within the avant garde frame). Specifically speaking the attempt comes across at formalizing the future with new images of past & present.

Opening the Box:A Person entering NID has his/ her own set of Pre Conceived thoughts, here he learns and gets the acceptance...Acceptance of thoughts, Ideas & Vision.Setting free from “The Impossible”New dimension of thoughtsUrge is to break through the rigid frame of thinking...LIKE

Drawings and rendered images




Sunday, June 18, 2006

Jewish Museum , Berlin

Understanding the works of Daniel Libeskind
With Respect To Jewish Museum, Berlin

The impressive manner of dealing any program is been observed in this study of Understanding the works of Daniel Libeskind With Respect To Jewish Museum, Berlin. To deal sensitive and complex physical and programmatic context by juxtaposing layers of information , webs of lines and philosophical stands is something uncanny . Efforts have been made to understand and analyze the work. There is integration of different elements having its own reasons and philosophy to be placed tegether . The manifestation of philosophical concept into spatial organization is articulated and justified at every possible stage. Visitors are forced to think and feel the pain , pressure , guilt and wounds which were part of Jewish life in past. Every one is left shocked , amazed or spellbound by the master piece of Daniel Libeskind , he succeeds in forcing everyone to peep in past and think about what has been done on the fate of humanity and jews .his building undoubtedly speaks and relates to each individual...............
This is my interpretation of the built form, there is pain, pressure and guilt. The zig - zag plan symbolizes a squeezed human which is been pressurized by the imposing and dominant forces of humanity.

What Makes Masters........................

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep…..says a U.S cartoonist Scott Adams 'the Dilbert principle' Creativity comes in at ease, but it's the art for which we have to struggle and strive for. The idea of creativity is core of all design process; it reflects the inner thoughts, morals and identity of an individual…….but it's the difference of representation and extraction of these ideas which exemplifies the difference between an architect and a master architect. Depiction of such ideas in any abstract and primitive form is the ability of an architect, which is much beyond for a master architect. Its enhancement in perception of scale, proportion, rhythm, balance and symmetry is what reflects and sets apart masters….also as a symbol of form of identity, as a perceived order, as individual sensibility, as an experience………….