Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Convention center for Champaign - Urbana

Convention center being major public building ,where all major public meetings , gatherings, conferences , reunions , trade fares , business exhibition etc are host , there are two fundamentally distinct sets of users ,
1. Representatives / spokes person / host : They are the source of knowledge and information which they want to share with others.
2. Visitors / guests : They visit to get awareness , understanding or to get familiar to any unknown event.
All such activities or intention can be successfully achieved by a cohesive interaction between both the sets of users.
Convention and all its activities are directly based on a strong sense of two way interaction , which is regardless key stone for any successful event or function. INTERACTION means a dialogue , a communication - establishing a relationship , between many minds.
This is the inference which structures the conceptual stand of my design in which I see convention center to be a product of interaction. Here designer is perceiving interaction
- People using the building ……………………….
- Building and its surrounding context……………
- City and its citizen and the outsider...................

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