Tuesday, March 06, 2007


BodyBlog is a mobile site-specific and user-specific wearable blog system. BodyBlog users (host or external) are enabled to read audio data from a BodyBlog or write audio data to any BodyBlog garment.


BodyBlog apparel is embedded with strips of magnetic tape forming a repository for blog posts. BodyBlog gloves are equipped with cassette recorder play and record heads, enabling users the ability to read and write BodyBlog postings.

BodyBlog access is contingent on multiple layers of individual comfort levels with tactile interaction; the blog host defines where a person can or can not make contact, this regulation of public/private space governs access a reader/writer is granted to available content. Prior to any read/write action, a reader/writer must recognize their own level of comfort when making physical contact with another person. Next the user can add or subtract the access permitted by the host.

Physical Prototype

Double-stick masking tape was applied along the length of the shirts. For the purpose of a paper prototype we restricted the magnetic tape "design" to vertical lines. Aligning the tape with the user's vertical axis (esp on the chest) allowed us to address potential public/private space relationships between a host and external user.

Cassette tape was applied on the double-stick tape.

BodyBlog gloves contain the read and write hardware. One glove has a read head appended to pointer finger. Headphones are attached to the read-glove allowing a user to hear blog posts. The write-glove has a record head at the tip of the pointer finger. A lapel microphone is wired into the write-glove allowing users to make audio posts.

A user reading the content of a post.

Posts are not subject to the length of a tape strip (10 seconds/female shirt, 12-15 seconds/male shirt). A user can distribute a post throughout the writable landscape, creating an aesthetic similar to an audio mash-up mix.

Paper Prototype:

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