Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Memory simulation

Imagine living your life without memory, without the ability to remember those myriad experiences which define you as a person and which anchor your sense of belonging in the world. Such an hypothesis raises the question: By what other means, external to your own mind, would you accumulate and retain the events, sensations, perceptions in your life?

Our attempt is to conceptually design a prototype which can assist people who has been affected by temporary memory loss. A device which can store memorable events and conversations of the day, it works through a external phone call from your friend, relatives or loved ones who are concerned for you.
We went through a mock up where our subject (matt) is using such device, which starts working by external phone calls of people who has concern for him. throughout the day he uses the device which records the conversations and spaces he was part off. This storage of data can be retrieved in a space which simulates memories recorded and makes one feel part of the event.

iHop, Green Street

YMCA, Office
Preparing for class

Studio, Noble Hall
Preparing for a crit with Conrad

Siebel Center, Office

Siebel Center, Common room
Taking a quick break

memory recall

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